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Optional Accessories & Measuring Systems

Measuring Systems

Cones & Plates

1 degree 30mm Diameter Cone
part number : 2003095.

5 degree 30mm Diameter Cone
part number : 200307

The cone and plate measuring system is in many instances the ideal measuring system. It is easy to clean, requires relatively small sample volumes. Rheosys offers a number of optional cones & plates.

Co-axial cylinders & vanes

V25 4 blade vane rotor
part number : 200610

25mm Diameter vane rotor for use with paste-like materials, gels, and fluids where suspended solids migrate away from the measurement surface of standard co-axial cylinders. * cup not included.

Narrow Gap High Shear C25 Cup

part number : 200710

The narrow gap high shear C25 cup system utilizes a smaller annular gap (0.5 mm for the narrow gap system vs 1.25 mm for the DIN standard ) to optimize testing of low-viscosity samples.

High Shear Tapered Plug System

part number : 200330

The tapered plug geometry is designed specifically for high shear rates & low viscosities. Shear rates in excess of 100,000 s-1 are possible.

  • Ÿ Small sample volume

  • Ÿ Easy to use, self centering design

  • Ÿ Easy to clean

  • Low viscosity measurements <1cP

Environmental Accessories

Thermal Enclosure

Delrin Thermal Enclosure
part number : 200340

The thermal enclosure is used to enhance the performance of the instrument at elevated and reduced temperatures by insulating the sample & upper measuring element. This helps to reduce thermal gradients across systems such as cones & plates.

Solvent Trap

Universal Solvent Trap
part number : 200320

The solvent trap is used to keep samples from volatilizing (drying) during experiments, the sample is fully isolated from the surrounding atmosphere by a fluid seal.

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