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Annual Instrument Calibration Service


Rheosys recommends an annual Calibration & Certification Service for your laboratory instruments to ensure optimum operating conditions. We can perform this service on site at your facility or you can return your instrument to our Calibration Department or to any authorized Rheosys Dealer.


Our Service Department will inspect for wear, perform a cleaning and adjustment of the internal variables. We calibrate and certify (in writing) that your instrument is operating within specification. This certification states that your instrument has been calibrated with standards which are traceable to the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). We will automatically remind you when it is time to perform the next annual Calibration & Certification Service.




Contact Rheosys to obtain pricing information. If your instrument requires any additional repairs, we will perform the necessary work and include these charges on your invoice. Turnaround time is generally within ten (10) business days.


Loaner instruments.

Loan Instruments are available from Rheosys should you need a temporary replacement while yours is in for service.

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